1940 AFWX-354 GMC COE Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Truck Possibly The Last One!

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Condition: Used

Auburn, Kentucky, United States

Vehicle description

Okay if your looking you realize how rare this is! 1409 were built in 1939/40 149 were sold to the Corps of Engineers (this is one of those) the rest were sent to France, England and the Soviet Union. This one has delivery date of 02/1941 I have the files from GM Heritage center, send me an email address and I"ll forward them to you. I"ve spent the last couple of weeks searching the internet and haven"t found any pictures of a AFWX-354 newer than WW2. I"ve been contacted by a couple of collectors that believe this is the last complete one. I haven"t checked it out, I do not know the condition of the engine or transmission, the transmission linkage/transfer case linkage is froze up, the brakes don"t work, it doesn"t run, its rusty, has holes in the roof, the bottoms of the doors are soft and appear to have body filler. The whole truck needs work! The drive shafts have been cut and there are four 2" square notches cut out of the frame that can be easily fixed. Come inspect this truck for yourself before you bid. Bring your expert and bid accordingly. No Title, this truck will be sold with a notarized bill of sale. The DMV does not have a record of it ever being titled in KY. I traded for this truck from the owner for at least the last 40 years and had full intentions of leaving the patina and doing a frame swap. I have set the reserve at a price its worth to me to build a hauler. If your a serious collector and want to save it bid what its worth to you if not look for it in Ol" Skool Rodz next summer.