Clear Title One Owner Car

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Condition: Used
Year: 2010
Make: Mazda
Model: Mazda3
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 131500

Smyrna, Tennessee, United States

Vehicle description

Vehicle Details 2010 Mazda 3 2.5 Liter 4-cylinder131,500K approx miles (more may be added due to showings)It ain't the prettiest Mazda 3 out there, but for the right person, it may be the BEST Mazda 3 out there.Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. .THE GOOD:Mazda 3 2.5 sedan. Bought new in 2010, it has been in 2 minor rear end collisions, both times the rear bumper cover was replaced. No frame damage, but it's out there, car fax will show it, and it is what it is.One owner car, clear title in hand. Bottom line, too many cars in the driveway, this one has to go.It runs good, AC blows ICE COLD, interior is in good condition, no rips or tears in the black cloth seats.It has a sunroof, windows all open and close correctly.It has keyless start.It has a navigation system from, 2010. .THE BAD:Look - when the pandemic started in 2020, it went from being driven everyday, to not being driven for months at a time. As a result, the battery will die. We replaced the battery in 2021, and we tested both the battery and the alternator at O'Reilly's and both test good.But, and this is the thing, it dies. Is it dying because we simply don't drive it enough, or does it maybe have some form of parasytic loss in the car. We don't know. Drive daily, it never died, let sit for almost 2 years, we need to jump start it when we want to drive it.Secondly, sitting that long, the alarm system would start to activate at all hours of the day and night for no reason whatsoever, why, I don't know, I'm not a mechanic. So rather than have that wake us up, I pulled the fuse. I didn't stop the flashing of the blinkers when the alarm would activate, but it did stop the horn. And then, eventually, the battery would die, and all would be well.Third, the stereo decided to go crazy, it blasts as FULL VOLUME STATIC so LOUD it will hurt your ears. We pulled the fuse to the stereo, problem solved. Of course, there is no music anymore, but that music was FULL VOLUME STATIC so LOUD it hurt your ears.Why does it do this, I don't know - I'm not a mechanic - but if you are good with cars, my guess is you can probably solve this issue. I'm not going to worry about it, I'm selling the car AS IS knowing someone smarter than me will buy it, and spend $20-30 on parts and fix it (That is not a suggestion that $20-30 will fix it, just me being funny - however if you can fix it for that little, your knowledge is my loss, and your gain).THE UGLY:The red paint has faded badly. There is no other way to say it, it has faded. In addition, there are a few minor dents here and there, nothing major, but they are there. I did my best to show on pics, but you can be the judge.THE PRICE:Isn't it ridiculous how expensive used cars are right now?I have researched what other "comparable" cars are selling for, and they all seem to land in the $6500-7500 range based on similar mileage and year.So. .I'm thinking $5500 cash OR BEST OFFER! !That leaves money on the table to fix it up, again, if it only takes a few bucks to repair it, AWESOME! ! I'll be thrilled for you, if it takes a bit more, at least I'll sleep easy at night knowing that I did my best to represent what it is, and more importantly what it isn't.Wanna talk, see it, drive it, buy it? ?My number is below - TEXT ME - I will ask you a non-descript question when you text about the weather in Mid-TN or something benign like that to confirm you are real and not some idiot who wants to help me get top dollar for my car. I don't need that help, so if you are that idiot who isn't interested in buying the car, DON'T TEXT ME.If you call, I have unknown numbers blocked, YOU MUST LEAVE A VOICEMAIL OTHERWISE I WILL NOT KNOW TO CALL YOU BACK.If you decide this is the car for you, I take cash, which you and I will meet at a bank and I will watch the bank teller hand you the money. Again, we live in suspect times, I don't need a mad stack of fake bills - if you know what I mean.When we meet, we will meet at the Smyrna Police Station, this is for my protection and yours. If you love the car, great - DO NOT BRING CASH WITH YOU - as we will still need to go to a bank and have it counted it and verified that it didn't come from your new laser printer.MAKE OFFERS - I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED - I PROMISE.But - don't waste my time either. Again, don't ask stupid questions, like. . "Do you know what is wrong?" No - if I knew, I'd fix it, and it this point I ain't spending any money to find out.Sound good? ? Images Download the Motors app