Beautifull Ferrari 328 replica

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Condition: Seller notes:
Year: 1985
Make: Replica/Kit Makes
Model: 328
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 100000000

Aransas Pass, Texas, United States

Vehicle description

Im hoping my trip into the replica world will help ya with the pluses and minuses. .Like alot of you reading this ad, I grew up in the 80s with the magnum 308 poster on my wall. owning one one day my goal. .later in life I got a 1981 fuel injected 308. what a disappointing piece of crap it turned out to be. .count on spending about $5k a year on maintenance. .but its a ferrari, so you kind of have to expect that. the thing is is that spending that amount of money didnt guarentee it would be safe to drive it out of your 200 mile AAA towing range. .a honda accord was faster. BUT it was so beautifull. .so I decided to sell it and buy a replica based on a fiero. .like all fiero owners, I wished it had just a bit more power. .the other thing was that like almost every replica youll find, it still had the original lotus inspired fiero interior. .just cheap looking and a dead giveaway as a replica. .so I again sold it and waited untill this one came up. .It has the $3k pisa/ferrari interior installed, which besides the initial cost is insanely hard to install. .but it has the original ferrari look and feel. .It still looks as new as the day it was installed.,,it also has a supercharged 3,8 from a 1993 bonneville. giving it some much needed performance. .I have no idea how many miles are on the engine, but it doesnt smoke, leak oil, overheat, has great oil pressure, and has that ferrari sound. .the 5spd works great. .the tires have less than 250 miles on them as I never drive this car. .I would trust driving the car anywhere and it could absolutely be a daily driver. .the lights and windows go up and down slowly more from lack of use. .Ive never driven it at night and put the windows up and down a handfull of times. .IT HAS NO AC. .the tach works, but speedo doesnt. the gas guage is opposite. .reads full when empty. .wires at sending unit are backwards the undercarriage isnt all rusted through. .some surface rust as it was stored by the beach. .it gets insane attention whenever its taken out. . which is why I never drive it frankly. . . . the paint has one minute chip on top of the drivers door. .no road chips behind tires. (you have to drive it to get those. .). the paint is about as perfect as your going to find. no cracks in fiberglass. when all is said and done this is a 35 year old car though. .someone spent alot of money to get this right. . it has an awesome stereo system. I have no idea how you lock the car. .I havent taken of door panels to see if there were poppers installed. if not, they would need installing. I listed this a few months ago but between my e bay account being hacked and the buyer contacting me by text. .I DO NOT TEXT. leading to a mutual distrust and cancelling the transaction. .so before you begin to think about bidding on it, be sure you have the monies. .not just for the car. .BUT FOR SHIPPING COSTS. .the car is now located near corpus christie texas which is in the middle of nowhere. .so shipping is going to be pricey given recent uptick in the price of gas. .so price that first. .Its a great car that desperately needs to be driven. it has a south carolina fiero title. check with your DMV to make sure its ok. .it is. .although the car has been stored under a supposed waterproof cover for the past 3 months, the clutch rod rusted from lack of use and the salt air here. .the clutch line was original so I replaced both clutch cylinders and metal clutch line from front of car. works fine now. I also replaced the starter and battery. .the emergency brake doesnt hold. .Im a computer and phone idiot, so please dont ask for videos etc. .I removed the rotted rubber floor pan plugs, so they will need replacing,good luck bidding. Again, please dont make me have to relist because of no monies or not enough monies when you get the shipping quotes. Im currently having a non running vehicle shipped from maryland to corpus christie and its costing me about $1400 as a shipping cost guideline. naturally when people saw the cost of shipping, the next thought and e mail to me was do you think the car would make the drive to ? ? . .my answer is this. .yes I think the car could be driven anywhere. the engine and transmission havent been driven by me or the previous owners. .BUT. I havent changed the fan belt or tensioner. .Its 200 miles of absolutely nothing between here and houston. . would you trust an who knows how old fan belt breaking and overheating/ruining engine in this heat?. .with no place to fix it?. .Its a huge risk. .good luck bidding.