1924-1931 Bugatti 35B Tribute built on a 1968 VW fun to drive, fun to play

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Condition: Used
Year: 1930
Make: Replica/Kit Makes
Model: 35B Grand Prix
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 30311

Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States

Vehicle description

We’re excited to have come across a RARE Bugatti Type 35B Replica car. Definitely a classic, a topless beauty as she’s been called, and you have a chance to own her. Bugatti Type 35History: The Bugatti company was founded in 1881 in France. Its founder, an Italian, Ettore Bugatti, found cars his passion. With his sights on the Grand Prix, In 1924,Bugatti sculpted a new body design, creating what he called “a work of art” in the form of a Grand Prix race car. Her slim, shapely body, was and still is one of the most important designs of the 20 th century. She was produced from 1924 to 1931, she was often referred to as his “masterpiece”, he named her Bugatti Type 35, and she became the icon of the Bugatti brand. Bugatti Type 35Racing history: The Bugatti Type 35 made its debut at the 1924 Grand Prix in Lyon, France. In 1925 Bugatti entered his 35B in the Targa Florio race in Sicily, and won - surprising everyone! People thought the delicate little car would not make a long-distance race in the mountainous terrain of Sicily, BUT it did! AND, the 35B won again in 1926, 27, 28, and 29, proving to people that this masterpiece should not be underestimated. To this day it remains the most successful race car of all time, with over 2000 victories. Today an original Bugatti would cost 3-5 Mil.
It"s exciting that you get an opportunity to own a 35B replica today, we like to call her Katie. You may never race her in a Grand Prix, but you can show her in a parade. ???? Immerse yourself in that moment - the air is brisk, but the sun is out. You in your Gatsby hat – your honey by your side. Why, you may even be wearing goggles and an ascot scarf for effect, after all it was that era. You drive her in the center of the road - because you can. Your honey is wearing your red Bugatti membership jacket - not a care in the world. Every now and then, you rev her engine – It’s a “Hey look at me” moment. She looks good on you, and you feel good in her! People line the side of the road waving and cheering as you drive by. Your honey does the slow wave, then reaches over and taps the horn, and as she blows you both giggle with the energy of youth. This gem, a Bugatti Type 35B replica was owned by Mr. Davenport – And like Mr. Bugatti himself, she was his pride and joy. Although most Bugatti’s are the Grand Prix French racing blue, this one is the English racing green. That in itself is unique. We found her in Mr. Davenport’s garage, under his Folbot kayak which hung from the rafters, beside a VW camper van and 3 taxidermized dogs – well-loved pets from days gone by. Before her, on the workbench lay several books on mechanics of VW, how to turbocharge, and fine car collection magazines. You see Mr. Davenport had an appreciation for the finer things of life, and if he couldn’t afford the real thing, he wanted the NEXT best thing. The bookcases in his den stretched all the way from the floor to his 12’ ceilings. They were filled with “HowTo” books, books about the universe, a pristine vinyl record collection, and trinkets from this travels to the Middle East. On either side of his fireplace were 2 exquisite brass floor lamps, with Tiffaney reproduction shades, his reading chair and an easily accessible vintage record player. Yes, Mr. Davenport was well-traveled and enjoyed the nostalgia of good music, expensive spirits and Cuban cigars. And although he never married, we know he loved, because on his side table cradled in an empty cigar box were hand written letters signed Katie, from London, XXXOOO. And we’re guessing until they met again, he remained loyal, yet like Hugh, he wanted to surround himself with the beauty of women, and he did so in the form of centerfolds which hung from the open spaces on his den walls. Mr. Davenport understood what Bugatti represented. People who drive Bugatti’s enjoy fine things – high end fashion, good music, they play backgammon and they’re beautiful people. Popular Mechanics referred to the 35B as a Cult car – people name their kids Bugatti, reference Bugatti in the songs they write, and some – even wear the Bugatti line of clothing. Yes, Mr. Davenport owned this Bugatti Type 35B, because it represents class, and speed, and beauty. How about you? If you like history, you like being on the road, and you like making memories - make them in this RARE, vintage 35B Bugatti Replica. We got her all rubbed down, and lubed up - she’s waiting for you. Feel the road rumble beneath you as you take her for a spin. Words don’t need to be spoken when you drive her, just don a smile and nod to the onlookers – and know, you be Bugatti cool. As Jay Leno “There aren"t many cars that are as exciting to drive as a Bugatti.” And he would know, he has 3. You are bidding on a Bugatti Type 35B Replica, well cared for, real leather seats, AND a RARE Vintage Red Nylon Bugatti Membership jacket – indicating you’re a member of the club for sure! Reach out and grab a piece of nostalgia – snatch up this beauty today. Good Luck, and thanks for bidding!
This gem is located cedar Falls, IA. Buyer responsible for pick-up or shipping. We have clear title, note this car is titled as a 1968 VW;