Hupmobile Opera Coupe (1928)

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Condition: Seller notes:
“Hupmobile made high Quality Automobiles from 1909 to 1939. The company stated “This is the best car in its class in the World”. This formal Opera Coupe was specially made for a very discerning individual, NS Stires. I have the original delivery invoice from Hyland Motor Co of Salt Lake City dated July 17, 1928. Because of its special build, it remained a “show car” and eventually displayed for decades at the Fountainhead Auto Museum Of Fairbanks AK. Even though restored in the 80’s, the car appears very nice today. All 4 wood spoked wheels have been restored.”
Year: 1928 VIN : A77895
Mileage: 61559 Model: Opera Coupe
Vehicle Title: Clean Make: Hupmobile
Body Type: Opera Coupe

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Vehicle description

This Hupmobile, being a special order car, had every “bell & whistle “ Hupmobile offered. Because it has been a “show car” all of its life, every part of this car has been maintained. Accessories that are almost always defective work perfectly on this car including the speedometer and the clock. This car has been displayed for decades at the famed Fountainhead Auto Museum in Fairbanks. The list of previous owners is impressive, Phil Gardner, Howard Mackey, Claim Hill And Jack O’Brian. The documentation on this car dates back to its delivery date in 1928 to include; Instruction Manual, Six Cylinder Instructions, Autolite Parts List, Design & Construction Of the Hupmobile Six and the 6 of the Century lubrications diagram. The car comes with sets of judging sheets from various Concours. Hupmobile changed styling cues beginning in 1928 “low styling” that made them favorites among the “flappers and gadsbys” Of the roaring 20’s. The famous designer Amos Northrup was responsible for the then advanced styling. Only 3 series A Opera Coupes are listed in the Hupmobile Registry. This car runs beautifully. The brightwork is stunning. The paint shows it’s age with patina. If looking for a very unusual, documented, and beautiful Roaring 20’s Car, look no further!