Very Rare, 2001, De Tomaso, Bigua, Mangusta Qvale, Low miles, Targa, Convertible

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Condition: Used Year: 2001
VIN : 00000000000000000 Mileage: 41667
Fuel Type: Gasoline Model: Mangusta
Body Type: sports car Transmission: Manual
For Sale By: Private Seller Make: Qvale
Vehicle Title: Clean

Samson, Alabama, United States

Vehicle description

* * * 2001 Qvale Mangusta* * * (With Only 41,677 Original Miles)* * * NO Faded Leather Or Fading Of Paint On This WELL KEPT CAR As Other’s I’ve Seen That Are Just Neglected! ! THIS CAR IS,”SHOWROOM CLEAN”, it’s just a fine example of what a Qvale Mangusta SHOULD LOOK LIKE! Update: April 21, 2020When I first listed the car, I had listed it in the Replica/Kit Car category thinking it would be a good spot even though it’s not either or. And giving someone that maybe looking to buy a Replica/Kit Car the chance of owning a REAL Italian exotic sport’s car. But, it didn’t sell and a friend suggested I list in other Makes and Model’s so,”hear we are!” Below is just the copy of the Description when I listed the first time in the other Category. Thanks for looking over! !VIN#; ZF498M00000000189Please take note; This isn"t a Kit Car or Replica, however resembles the definition of what a Kit Car is in a since (an assembled vehicle) kind of. There"s just certain aspect"s of the car to make me think this and I"m shore you may think the same in the end as you do your research on the car. But it"s NOT a Kit Car or a Replica! But a lovely and very rare, as only 284 where made in total. I"ve heard people in the forums say 264 as 20 where used in crash test but not shore. Will just go with the 284. . .The car just look"s stunning in person as the pictures can"t do it any justification. One of the best Designer"s in the world Marcello Gandini deigned this car. And if that name ring"s a bell, it"s because he also deigned the Lamborghini Miura, Countach and Diablo and many and I mean many more famous car"s the world has grown to know. But he"s one of the BEST Designer"s in Motoring History to say the least. But, it doesn"t stop there. . . The chassis was Designed by former Formula 1 Designer Enrique Scalabroni which worked for Dallara, Williams F1 and Scuderia Ferrari! ! But, the BEST part of this is. "Well, a few things! ! ! "* * Designed by the best of the BEST Designer"s the world has ever come to know in Motoring.* * Made and Assembled in; Modena, Italy* * De Tomaso use Ford Engines and Transmissions so very easy to work on and maintain and much more reliable then all Italian Exotic"s I can think of.* * Car can be used as a Hardtop - Targa Top and even a FULL Convertible that look"s like a real roadster when down!* * 0-60 mph; 5.3 sec I"m a Collector and Private Investor so if it"s not a track car, I DON"T test this!* * And BEST of all; The Car is Rare and only subjected to go up in value over time.It"s just a car for someone just looking for simplicity of owning a Rare and a Fine Italian Exotic, that"s GREAT fun to drive and turns head"s and camera"s a like. If you"d like to learn more about the car. Please do a Google Search on Wikipedia as I myself am still learning thing"s I didn"t know as we speak.* * RIM"s are not original, but look way better in my opinion. * * Tires have about 90% tread so rather new. * * Updated CD Radio. * * Everything is in great working order to my knowledge and I wouldn"t hesitate to drive across the USA if needed be. In fact, I took a 1,200 mile trip 4 month"s ago. * * Car is SHOW ROOM CLEAN! !Has two coat"s of Ceramic Coating on the Car, Rim"s, Windows and even the door jam"s, hood and trunk bonnet too! All Re-conditioned seal"s, re-conditioned & rejuvenated (for color) of all leather which look"s Fantastic!Hand-Built Ford SVT 4.6L 4V Mustang Cobra Motor * Brembo BrakesJust remarkable compared to other"s that look neglected and I hate to say that, but a LOT and I mean a LOT of people just don"t take car of there car"s. * * Car is driven time to time so miles may go up slightly. But once a successful Auction is made, will only be driven for delivery purposes only. But here it is, a chance to own a fine TRUE Italian car sure to turn heads and with a beefy motor and transmission, but a car that where assembled from the BEST in the industry! ! I"ve seen people pay $40,000. to $60,000. for a Replica that doesn"t even come close to this standard"s. Don"t get me wrong, I"ve seen some VERY nicely built Repica"s/Kit Car. But think you get what I mean.Please Bid with ABSOLUTE confidence of buying,Thank you for lookingRickieReplica/Kit Makes .