Seawind 3000 Amphibious Aircraft

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Condition: New Make: Seawind

Lovettsville, Virginia, United States

Vehicle description

Seawind 3000 Amphibious Airplane. Serial NO. 211. Looks like something out of James Bond! Advertised as the fastest flying boat.
This aircraft was built by a master craftsman that took it to about 80% completion before he passed away. Unbelievable craftsmanship! I had a Seawind expert from planebuilders in Sarasota, FL who"ve built many seawinds look the plane over from top to bottom. He said it"s one of the best he"s ever seen. The amount of meticulous attention to detail can"t be overstated. If you look closely at the pictures you"ll notice a lot of steel braded lines instead of aluminum for fuel and hydraulics. No expense spared on extras. This aircraft looks to be very close to being ready for paint and some pieces are already painted. (Notice in the pictures in the nose well and some of the control surfaces) The hard work is done on this project and the fun stuff remains. You get to customize your colors, interior and avionics. Plane comes with many extras including a zero time lycoming IO-540-K1H5. This motor was sent back to the factory for warranty. They replaced the crankshaft that came from a known defect and pickeled. All AD"s are in compliance. (see pics) Here"s a link to Air power for current list prices for just the motor. ($120K)
The motor prices are before you install items like governor, muffler, baffling. .This motor is gorgeous! 300HP. Chrome intakes and valve covers. The baffleing is literally spit shined! Seriously, this motor is a thing of beauty. This plane also comes with a 3 blade MT-9-B-C-R(M) zero time prop.Top of the line. Notice the fire suppression system in the pics too. A few other items on this plane include camera pickups throughout. Looks like the plane was being setup for a youtube special but also handy to be able to see the motor inflight and how close you are to the reef when you"re in the Bahamas. This plane has 100 gal tanks with a max speed: 174knots (200mph at sea level) Throttled back to 55% power at 8000" cruise speed: 147knots (169mph) Stall speed 72 in clean configuration. Range 905 nm (1040 mi with main tanks) This aircraft has aux tanks too. Service ceiling: 18,000 ft. Rate of climb 1250 ft/min. It also carries a decent useful load of 1100lbs. Takeoff wt 3400lb empty wt 2300lb.
This is the perfect project for someone with the right skills or just have planemakers in sarasota finish it off. They"re the best! You want to turn some heads and have some serious fun? This airplane is It! I know, I flew floats in Alaska back in the day and it was the funnest time of my life. There"s nothing like landing in a pristine bay with little otters with their button eyes looking at you while you catch fish or pull a crab pot. Just sayin.
I have a guy that can deliver in the continental US for a reasonable fee or planemakers can containerize and ship a finished plane anywhere in the world.
The plane is hangered in Leesburg, VA (KJYO). Feel free to ask questions or setup an inspection. The pictures really don"t do justice to this plane. Charlie 303-246-06fourfour