ISS Enduro 300 Laps Golden Sands Speedway March 12th win $5000 Ricker Integra

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Make: Acura
Model: Integra

Maribel, Wisconsin, United States

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You have found another ISS Enduro Auction! This time we are headed to one of the fastest tracks on our tour - Golden Sands Speedway in Plover WI. Green Flag at 2 pm on March 12th! Rain or Shine or Snow - brave or crazy - not sure BUT we do what others can"t or won"t and proudly label it Dumb, Stupid, Fun! Build one or buy one (maybe this one?) and come join the fun!
Brandon Ricker"s 2nd place car from last year"s Creepy Classic 300 at State Park Speedway in Wausau. It"s a Teggy with an over built cage and only came up one position short in it"s last race. It needs a little bit of maintenance, like any car that just ran 300 Laps, and your seat and belts - year listed (1991) is just my best guess!
In a continuing effort to keep a level playing field our series has always kept the top 2 finishing cars, 13 straight years. You aren"t getting beat by someone"s checkbook and you walk away with decent prize money. The rule has a way of forcing racers to work with what they have - rather than ordering out the trick of the week. If you find yourself complaining about the high cost of racing maybe you should race ISS? Some call it dumb, stupid, fun, at least for adrenaline junkies! We are The Impact Survival Series. Crazy damn deal with a bunch of really smart racers having the time of their life! If you haven"t heard of us we have a web site and a FB page check us out! $5000 to win pro rated and based on 100 entries. This car won $2925 for last year"s second place finish in the 99 car Battle Royale in Wausau! These ISS Enduro auctions are intended exclusively for ISS racers, but we are on ebay and everybody can bid so just know that the winning bidder will be required to pay the entry fee ($100) to the next race at the time of Pick Up, whether you come join us or not!
If you have any question better call. "Email the seller" will not get any response! Thanks, Matt (920) 755-2852