Winnebago Itasca (1992)

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Condition: Seller notes:
“ Brakes need work. Inside needs a lot of work. Electrical needs help. It's a fixer upper. I'll let the next guy be the next guy to do the fixing. Crack on the windshield. ”
Year: 1992 VIN : 1GBKP37N4N3305003
Vehicle Title: Clear Make: Winnebago
Fuel Type: Gas Model: Itasca
For Sale By: Private Seller Length (feet): 34

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States

Vehicle description

1992 Winnebago Itasca
To be honest with you. This RV is a fixer upper. I would buy it again. . under other circumstances. Where I am situated, I live in an apartment, and I have no garage, and no available space to put this on. The other thing, is I am not a mechanic, and I don"t want to pay someone twice what i paid for it, so that I can up-sell this thing.
Lets go over the problems so far:
Its brakes are shot. It might be something as simple as changing the brake fluid. . or getting new brake pads. That"s a relatively easy job for someone who has the room, the tools, (jacks, etc.) and the motivation to get things done.
The inside smells a little. The carpet is tore up on purpose, because there was a stain under it. You will have to clean the inside nicely and add a new carpet.
You need to make sure all the electrical works. The onboard generator wasn"t working for me when i was using it, but the wiring is the problem. There are instructions for the wiring on this truck. . and that guage wire you need. If you"re electricians mister fixer, you might like to take this RV as a working project.
The windshield has a crack down it. You can drive just fine, where it doesn"t interfere with visibility. But i"m sure you can get a ticket inevitably. Best way to handle this one. is to cut out some makrolon. That plexi can take a bullet, and won"t shatter. You need a cheap frame, and put it into the mounting area. You can do it for less than 100 dollars. - - - So far thats the bad.
The good is. .
The RV will start. The brake problem will be noticed when you drive it. When that is fixed, it will be stable and road worthy cross country. It has medium mileage. Maybe like 65K. I"ll have to go to storage to check the odometer. A lot lower than other vehicles for this age.
Its sitting in storage right now. And i have to pay 95/month just to hold it there. I need to get rid of it for that reason. That expense is too much for my budget. I would otherwise just hold it until i can fix the thing.
You can pick this thing up, and make it yours. It"s going to require work. . but when its done, it could be a beautiful home for a couple. Lots of people need homes these days, and haven"t the resources to afford a house. This RV can do that for them. If you fix this thing up, it should sell for a pretty profit.
$250 down security payment via paypal. I"ll give you instructions