Allis Chalmers 416 Fuel Altered (1972)

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“It was just finished this spring and does run on nitro, most of the parts on it are hand made or new. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF USING NITRO, I WILL SWITCH IT BACK TO GAS AND YOU CAN JUST DRIVE IT AROUND LIKE AN ATV”
Model: 416 Model Year: 1972
Make: Allis Chalmers

Cooksville, Illinois, United States

Vehicle description

1972 Allis Chalmers 416 Fuel Altered. It does run on nitro methane 30%. Most of the parts were hand fabricated It took about 3 years to build. The engine is a Yamaha 350cc with a Wiseco 11:1 piston, 6-speed trans w/ reverse. It can be switched back to run on gas (but what fun would that be). You can see a short video of it running for the first time on Youtube (rabbid allis on nitro). It does pull pretty hard but will not go very far on a tank of fuel maybe 10 or 12 blocks. I mainly built it just to start up and do a few burnouts once in a while. It has a tank under the seat that holds windshield wiper fluid and spray nozzles above the tire"s to wet them down. The controls from far left to right are shifter, fuel valve, ignition, starter, power, tire sprayer, brake, the lever in front of the seat is reverse. You do have to spray gas in the carb. to get it fired. The parachute is non functional it is packed with foam. The fuel tank on the front is for looks only could be used by installing fuel pump. Tank is under injector hat. Have been running R/C fuel 30%. No disappointments if you are not happy with it when you get here you do not have to take it. Zip code 61730 IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF USING NITRO, I WILL SWITCH IT BACK TO GAS SO YOU CAN JUST DRIVE IT AROUND LIKE AN ATV, IT BASICALLY IS A YAMAHA WARRIOR 350 ATV . YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO COME LOOK AT IT BEFORE BIDDING ALSO