New engine w/ 59k miles, recent tires, upgraded radiator, AC condenser, plugs

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Condition: Used
Year: 2009
Make: Mazda
Model: RX-8
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 140800

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Vehicle description

Vehicle Details Mazda RX-8 2009 Grand Touring. Well maintained by an engineer. Because this is a highly unusual rotary engine (no cylinders!), I recommend that someone with mechanical experience buys this car. It takes a modest amount of special care, but it's very worth the effort for the right person. For example, the spark plugs on rotary engines must be changed at least every 25,000 miles because each plug fires three times per engine rotation. Also, the engine should be allowed to warm up fully every time it is started and brought to high RPM at least for a few seconds ever time it's run to prevent carbon build-up. It's not that hard to maintain this right, but I want to ensure that the buyer knows that this is a special kind of car that takes some unusual care. Personally, I love the car, but I live downtown and I don't need a car to get to work anymore, so I'm downsizing. This car has a new Engine swapped from a 2010 RX8 w/ 59,000 miles (this is why it's above average price for this mileage, along with the many other upgrades/newer parts). 140,800 miles on chassis.No accidents. Vehicle report available from when I bought it a few years ago. Grand Touring model: Leather seats; great suspension and handling. Bose stereo system; CD player jammed, but the bluetooth and aux connectors work perfectly. Runs great, really fun to drive! Recently replaced tires, brakes, vented brake rotors, spark plugs, ignition coils, battery, AC Condenser, radiator, fuel pump. Clean inside. The passenger dash panel has cracking that seems to happen a lot on this model (see photo). Everything else is nice and clean inside. Moonroof is stuck/not working. Currently there's an error code for O2 sensor that I'm trying to fix. (I'm not one of those guys who resets the ECU to clear error codes right before selling. I prefer to be up front and honest about the car's condition). It looks like the downstream sensor failed and incorrectly indicates it's running lean, but I think it's just the sensor. Looking for a happy new home!Buyer may pickup in person after full payment. You can pay with (which is very safe and protects us both), or we can go to your bank's ranch together in Boston and get cash. I won't accept cash that you bring with you. It has to be straight form a bank, where we'll also sign the title over. I can also deliver the car per mutual agreement in writing before the sale, but this will cost a non-refundable fee to be determined. Images Download the Motors app

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