Citroen Traction Avant 1939 11BL Perfo restored pilot wheels and bazooka carb

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Condition: Used
Year: 1939
Make: Citroen
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 54113
Fuel Type: Gasoline

Santa Cruz, California, United States

Vehicle description

Citro ë n Traction Avant 1939 11BL Perfo restored with original Pilot Wheels & bazooka carburetor – RARE!
I am the 7 th custodian of this car. This Citro ë n comes with a complete history binder that includes a letter from the firstowner, all services and parts records + review recommendation letters. This car has an original 1939 ignition key and a list of all owners since it was purchased in Paris in June 1939.
First owner of this car was a Parisian doctor by the name Louis Thomas. He purchased the car in June 1939. During the war the car was hidden away from occupation forces and right after the war his daughter Marthe Thomas shipped it to New York, NY. She kept it in Ft. Lee, New Jersey just across Manhattan.
In 1977 the car was purchased by a well-known Citro ë n enthusiast Michael Leibovici. This auto comes with an original review letter from Red Dillinger, the legend of USA Citroen community.
He reviewed it in September 1990 and wrote a report on March 1 st 1991 stating: “This car serial #442815 being the most original pre-war Citroen I have inspected to this date”. Since then, this car has changed three owners. Names and addresses of all previous owners are inside the binder which will be included with the car.
I purchased this car on September 18, 2011, in Edison, New Jersey. At that time, I lived in Toronto, Canada. The car was exported to Toronto, Canada where it stayed for the next three years. In late August 2014 this car was hauled back to US, but this time across continent to sunny California where it resides today. The car it was in a rough shape when I bought it. I was able to drive it onto the trailer, but it needed restoration. For the next year I worked on it very intensely and as a result this car won a 2012 Golden Sphere Award for Outstanding Citro ë nthusiasm and Restoration from the Citro ë n Autoclub Canada.
Below is the detailed description on the car’s restoration: Exterior of the car has been repainted since the original. First in 1977 by Michael Leibovici, and then twice by me in 2012& 2017. Color has been matched to the original dashboard green that is still inside the car.
Pilot wheels were restored in 2012: acid dipped, primed, and painted. Underside of the car and side wheel fenders have been properly coated with rubberized encapsulator undercoating. Underside of the engine hood was painted with a temperature resistant coating.
Interior: s eats and side panels were re-upholstered in 2012, but I kept an original horse-hair cushions inside the seats as well as the side seat fabric piping. I had to change the fabric; however, the original fabric from the seats has been preserved in the box and will come with the car.
Dashboard still has the original green paint with an original glove compartment sticker and a serial #A156352.
Ceiling head liner is also original.
Trunk lining of the car had to be discarded due to its poor condition. New trunk liner was cut to an original shape and sized and secured as the original one once was.
F uel tank : original fuel level wine-bottle cork was sunken into fuel so it had to be replaced with a new one. Fuel tank does come with an original 1939lock screw cap and an original 1939 key.
Wiring : front harness is still original but repaired and rear harness has been replaced with a new one. Front harness does have a new wiring extension to lights and turn signals. This is still an original 6V car and it works as its it should for 1939 car.
Original fuel pump has been restored in 2017 and performs well. I do have a spare reproduction fuel pump that will come with this car in spare box parts/tools.
Ignition coil has been replaced with a reproduction. Original ignition coil will come with the car in the box. I believe it is still in a good working condition.
Distributor : original, works well.
Radiator : original, works well.
Starter : restored original. It was restored this year (2021).
Carburetor : restored original. It was restored a few times in 2017 and2021.
It is a very rare Solex FATIP 35 so-called “Bazooka” type air intake, very desirable and rare to Citroen.
It is a rare opportunity to have an original Solex 35 Bazooka carburetor with matching Perfo Engine.
I do have few other spare carburetors that do work as well and will be included with the spare parts box.
Engine : restored original limited production and well-maintained Performance Engine called “Perfo”. They were introduced in spring of 1939. This particular engine Serial # DJ07390 was casted on June 15 th 1939.
Original odometer reading is 54113 km.
Transmission : original restored. Complete transmission overhaul was done in spring 2021 by a local well known Citroen Club member.
Breaks : new master cylinder was installed in Spring 2021. Original cylinder was ok but since engine was already out of the car, it was a great opportunity to do a preemptive repair. All wheel break cylinders and break hoses were replaced in 2012. Original master cylinder will come with the spare box parts.
Tires : new Michelin tires on the car since 2017 (very little miles on them). Alternator : I do have an original 6V alternator but it’s not functioning, and I had to replace it with a temporary modern-casing 6Valternator that’s on the car now. It works well but it has a modern look.
I am in the process of getting a replacement original alternator and I hope to have it within a month or two.
I replaced original shock absorbers in 2012 with a new reproduction. It makes for a very soft and smooth ride.
Ignition Key : original ignition key from 1939 with an original Nieman Auto Theft Lock .
Key Serial # 779
German 1939 Anti-Theft Lock #14197
Fuel tank lock key: original 1939 key that will be included. This car has a monocoque metal frame body. There are no wood structural frame parts that you ever have to worry about. It is a solid steel body. If you are not familiar with Citro ë n don’t be afraid of apossible lack of parts. This car was specifically designed for simplicity in maintenance. It has a front wheel drive. Everything that moves this car is at the front end. French countryside people loved it. Everything is super accessible and doesn’t require a lift to work on. As with front wheel drive cars, it doesn’t have a driveshaft underneath which makes it super-sleek low suspension car for 1930s. It comes with three English-language books: maintenance book, spare parts book, and a repair manual. All parts and diagrams in the book have serial numbers which makes it super easy to order spare parts. Also, all parts for this model are available. You can get them online from either US suppliers or from multiple websites specializing in this model in Europe. I never had a problem finding a part for it. The car has just been registered for next year until September 2022 and has a Clean California title in hand .
In conclusion it is a great car. I have many good memories driving it and working on it. I was able to reconnect with my father while working on it in Roncesvalles, Toronto, Canada in 2012 and I also took it on few rendezvous with the Citro ë n Club of Canada, which was a lot of fun.
While in Toronto this car was also used as a movie prop. I don’t remember the name of the move exactly, but it was some kind of a teenager WWII vampire movie.
I hope to find a new custodian who can take a good care of the car for the years to come and create a new history for this amazing Citro ë n. One more thing that I have found very important and valuable from the aesthetic point of view: this particular model 1939 11BL in comparison to other Citro ë n Traction Avant models has beautiful proportions as originally intended by the designers: André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni. They designed few versions of Traction Avant with some of them being a bit elongated but this particular model resembles the original prototype proportions. My recommendation is that you join a local Citro ë n Club. In my experience the Citro ë n people are very friendly and are always willing to help.
For extra fee I can help you with transportation and delivery.
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