Volvo V70R, AWD, turbocharged, third row seat. R series, Volvo wagon. (1998)

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Condition: Used
Year: 1998
Make: Volvo
Model: V70
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: AWD
Engine: 2.3L Gas I5
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 250000
Fuel Type: gasoline

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Vehicle description

1998 Volvo V70R, all wheel drive (AWD), turbocharged, Volvo Wagon. This is a rare, genuine V70R, last year of the boxier style. This car has a few issues that need to be repaired before driving, but if repaired can be a great cruiser or family hauler with its third row seats. The body has a lot of life left in it. If you are a Volvo fan, or a wagon fan, and don"t mind a bit of project, this car is great for you! Vehicle sold as is.
The good: 1. Rare Volvo wagon, the R Series is a blast to drive 2. Third row seats: Got them from a different V70, that"s why the color doesn"t match. The seats are only ideal for young chilldren, but my kids loved riding in them. The body is in very good shape given its age and mileage. Few scratches, no dents, this car looks good! 3. Dual zone climate control, leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, power windows, boost gauge, three disc changer, disc brakes, clean interior. 4. Parts installed/replaced while I owned it: PCV system, turbo control valve, upper engine mount,
Known Issues: I will try to list the largest issues I know about below, but please note, this is still a 23 year old vehicle with 250,000 miles, so there are various wear and tear issues I didn"t list here. If you would like more details about something specifically, please contact me.
1. Coolant leak from turbo area: This is the greatest issue which must be fixed before this can be driven. The leak is worse after a drive and the car gets warm, a short drive will drop the reservoir from max to just under min and needs to be topped off before driving again. I tried replacing the turbo coolant supply line, which had a slow leak, but it only got worse. I don"t know what this could be at this point, perhaps I installed it improperly, or got a faulty part. The car should be towed by the buyer. 2. Low boost pressure: The car is still drivable with this, but much slower than it should be. The car should normally get 10-12 psi of boost, but only achieving 5 psi max right now. I have tried replacing the turbo control valve, waste gate diaphragm, and checking for obvious vacuum leaks. This could now be a mass air sensor, vacuum leak I couldn"t find, or a bad turbo. 3. Fuel Sending Unit/Fuel gauge doesn"t work: The fuel sending unit does not work correctly, so the gauge only reads half the tank. I just refill based on milage driven (usually when I"ve 200 miles). 4. Lock up solenoid burned out in transmission: This causes a flashing arrow on the dash and prevents the torque converter from locking up, but causes no drivability issues, just some lost MPG on the highway. 5. Noisy fuel pump: It was replaced with an aftermarket pump by a reputable shop a year ago, but since it is not the genuine OEM, it whines. Just annoying, still drivable! 6. Parking brake won"t hold car: Replaced cable and shoes, however, still has an issue. I believe some of the hardware in the drum related to the parking brake may need replaced. Be sure to chock your wheels if lifting the car!

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