Chery 3100 Pickup Blue 4WD Automatic dually (1997)

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Condition: Used
Year: 1997
Make: Chery
Model: 3100
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: 4WD
Engine: 454
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 75000
Fuel Type: Gasoline

Wofford Heights, California, United States

Vehicle description

About this vehicle This 1997 Chery 3100 is a modified vehicle with updates to the drivetrain. The owner has had it for 4 years. The vehicle runs great. Seller"s Notes This truck is the real deal not some kid that put a couple life blocks and 37 inche tires on it was completely thought out designed then from the frame up built it would be the ultimate farm truck it could pull a combine out of the mud or tow a harvester anywhere Vehicle Details Completely custom built Chevy dually Exterior Completely custom built from the frame up suspension and frame built by a professional 4x4 shop the drive train was installed by Chevy dealership this truck isn't a back yard job we're some kid put on a lift kit and big tires it took two years and over 60.000 dollars it would cost over 100.000 grand to built today the front and rear differentials are off a 4x4 logging truck ten years ago they were 7.000 each it has a Alison steel transfer case a Alison transmission lockers in the front air bags in the rear custom built stainless exhaust has ac led light bar and a shell with matching paint will pass smog this truck started life as a two wheel drive the frame is custom built no crab walk gose straight down the road it has a vortex 454 that was put in at a Chevy dealership this truck was built for hard work and hard offroadong I made a lot of money pulling weekend worrier's out of the lake bottom were I live and no tow truck can or will go never even came close to being stuck and never had to leave somebody behind the only reason I am saleing is I lost my licence for life do to going blind the truck has been parked for a few years now all I had to do was put in a couple new batteries and she fired rite up I haven't had a chance to drive her yet just up and down my driveway it ran great but seemed like trans wasn't rite I will have my mechanic check it out if it's needing to be rebuilt I will have done of deduct cost from final price it mite just need to be serviced eather way I will cover all cost other then that I would recommend putting on a new set of tires regular semi tires run about 700 for all six and new muders run from 1000 to 3500 it has 37 inche mudders on it now half look good the other half soso if you don't plan on a lot of off roading you really don't need them if you have any questions feel free to ask just remember this is not a show truck it's not some yuppie piece of crap jacked up ford or some stuck in the mud dodge it's a completely custom built Chevy truck that's needs a little TLC do to the fact that's it's been parked for a few years but could still go out to the lake bottom axle deep today to pull some fool in his 90.000 dollar ford or dodge out of the mud will consider trade for old ford coup roadster 55 57 Chevy possibly unfinished project or street rod Interior Interior is clean the stereo cd tape is kinda dated but works no tears back seat is like new the door handles on the inside need to be replaced I have all new ones just need to be installed power windows all work fine power locks work fine Engine 454 vortex has about 40.000 on it and the whole drive train which was put in at Chevy dealership Custom Delivery Instructions Buyer assumes all cost for shipping will work with your shipper it's not in the way so you could take your time withen reason up to 60 days Download the Motors app